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Mailbox Tax Return Thefts

Tax time can make you a target for criminals.
As more of your returns come back, more thieves are eyeing mailboxes.

In our big story this half-hour, GTN's Briana Harper tells us how to avoid falling victim.

Saturday night residents of Campus Club Apartments spotted this man John Trueluck suspiciously loitering around the apartment's mailbox kiosk.
A sign for alarm in the peak of tax season.
Sgt. Rick Roberts says, "This time of the year it's real important that people guard their mailboxes and watch out especially in these apartment complexes. If you see somebody suspicious around the mailbox that you don't recognize we would encourage people to call us."

Police say Trueluck used a screwdriver to pry open many of these mailboxes damaging them in the process. In the end he was able to get away with a tax return, a w-2 form and a personal check before being arrested.

Criminal actions that come at a cost.
"He's official charge was criminal mischief and possessing identification belonging to other people. Based on the damage to the mailboxes I believe it was a felony amount which more than a year in prison."

Tax advising companies such as H&R Block also recommend other alternatives to avoid these mailbox tax thefts.
H&R Block Senior Tax Advisor Nancy Strampello says, "We do try to encourage people to have their checks electronically deposited into their checking account or onto a prepaid card so that they have control and they aren't at the mercy of the mail."

The US Postal Service has also been notified of the incident.
Briana harper, G-T-N news.

A quick reminder... there are only eight days left until the April 15th tax deadline.

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