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Tailgating Without Tailgates: UF Changes Tradition

The first gator game of the season is tomorrow night. More than 100,000 people will be heading to the swamp to cheer on the team, but the festivities will look a little different this year. More>>

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Is Waldo Another Hampton? Senator Bradley on Illegal Speeding Ticket Quotas

One local senator is used to dealing with small town corruption in north central Florida. First Hampton, now Waldo. Police officers from the little town, nationally known for its speed trap are coming forward saying they have an illegal quota. GTN's Hailey Holloway sat down with Senator Rob Bradley to hear what he plans to do about the allegations.

Aces in Motion Gives Free Tennis Lessons to Students in East Gainesville

One local non-profit is teaming up with public schools on the East side of Gainesville to provide free tennis lessons. The coaches say it's about developing a love for the sport and also instilling important life skills. GTN's Mayci McLeod tells us more about the program. Aces in Motion started at Howard Bishop Middle School and has expanded to nine schools on the East side. The program offers free tennis lessons during or after school to kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to play. Director ... More>>

Rutgers Educational Improv Group to Perform in Gainesville Tonight

SCREAM (Students Challenging Realities and Educating Against Myths) Improv Theater Group from Rutgers University will perform tonight in the University Auditorium. The group will present a skit which educates the audience on issues of interpersonal violence, specifically sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and bullying. More>>

Officers Speak Out Against Waldo Corporal Kenneth Smith

One officer who spoke out against Szabo is also sounding off against corporal Kenneth Smith. Officer Brandon Roberts wrote in a report to the Waldo city commission that Smith is using city-owned security cameras at his apartment. Both lived together at Waldo Villas for a short time this year. Roberts says he recently moved out. One neighbor says smith has the right to protect himself. More>>

Waldo Police Chief Accused of Implementing Illegal Speeding Ticket Quotas

The city of Waldo is famous across the nation for its speed trap. But according to four Waldo Police Officers, some illegal activity is involved surrounding those speeding tickets. Some drivers say it's an understatement that speeds limits are strictly enforced in the city of Waldo. This town is famous for its speed trap and now multiple police officers are reporting they are required to hand out a dozen of these speeding tickets per day, a mandatory quota illegal in the state of Florida. At ... More>>

Yoho Celebrates Republican Primary Win

GTN has all of the results from last night's primary elections. More>>

Primary Elections Bring Few to the Polls

It's primary election day. County Commission, Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidates are all on the ballot. There are several candidates on the ballot but very few voters are going to the polls in Alachua County. More>>

Tent City Moves to GNV Homeless Center - Bringing Drugs, Prostitution, Violence

Gainesville's new homeless center has been up and running for a couple of months now. People can go there to get free meals, take showers and do laundry. Tent city has also moved there - along with some concerning activities. In our big story tonight GTN's Hailey Holloway reports has more on what's really going on there.

Police Department and Sheriff's Office Face Off in Charity Basketball Tournament

This weekend local law enforcement and fire rescue took to the basketball court for the YMCA's second annual Heroes Hoops tournament. The agencies were vying for a victory, but they also came together to raise money for charity. The tournament consisted of three games: YMCA v. Fire Rescue, Gainesville Police Officers v. Alachua County Sheriff's Deputies, and then a championship game. The YMCA defeated fire rescue with a score of 65-49. Up next was the local rivalry, GPD versus ASO. Last year,... More>>

Her Ex Murdered Her Boyfriend: Erika Friman on the Pedro Bravo Story

It's been a week since a jury convicted Pedro Bravo of murdering his best friend and UF student, Christian Aguilar, in 2012. But tonight this case is back in the national spotlight. Evidence in the two week trial shows Bravo was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Erika Friman who had moved to Gainesville and started dating Aguilar. GTN's Hailey Holloway is live with more from the girl at the center of the brutal murder who's story appears on tonight's Dateline NBC. More>>

Levy County Sheriff's Office Locates Missing Man (Updated)

The Levy County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's assistance in locating James Bailey. Mr. Bailey is described as a white male, 63 years old, 5'-8”, 155 pounds. He is currently clean shaven. Mr. Bailey was last seen at his son's home where he was living. More>>

Alachua County Animal Services Waiving Adoption Fees Saturday

Alachua County Animal Services is waiving all adoption fees on Saturday, August 23, from 8am-8pm. As part of the "Summer Lovin' Adoptathon", all dogs and cats will come spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped for free. Hot dogs, snow cones, popcorn and more will also be available. More>>

Homeless Center Cuts $1M Deficit in an Interesting Way

Gainesville's new homeless center has been over budget since before the project even began. After guessing what the utility bills would cost, the center found out it would be short a million dollars a year. But today Grace Marketplace is getting a helping hand. GTN's Hailey Holloway has more on the surprising new revenue source.

August is Child Safety Awareness Month, and The Department of Highway Safety Shares How to Keep Kids Safe at Bus Stops

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has designated August as Child Safety Awareness Month. This week, we will focus on promoting school bus safety for motorists and for schoolchildren. More>>

Services for Leo Walker to be Held this Friday

Funeral arrangements have been made for Leo Walker, the 9-year-old autistic child who wandered away from his home in Live Oak and drowned in a local swamp. More>>

ALS Facts: Is the Ice Bucket Challenge Working? The Numbers May Surprise You

It's a social media fad that is sweeping the nation and you've probably seen it all over your FaceBook newsfeed. It's the ALS ice bucket challenge. GTN's Hailey Holloway has more on the trend and how much good it's really doing. More>>

Two Killed in Levy County Mobile Home Fire

A mobile home catches fire in Levy County early this morning, claiming two lives. GTN's Mayci McLeod has more on the fire and the deaths, and she tells us, one of the victims is just 10 years old. At 2:15 this morning, a neighbor called Bronson Fire Rescue to report a bonfire, but when firefighters arrived on the scene, they discovered the blaze was coming from a mobile home. By the time Bronson Fire Rescue arrived, the home was completely engulfed in flames. It took them about eight hours to... More>>

NAACP Contests Ocala Saggy Pants Ordinance

One local group says a saggy pants ordinance passed earlier this summer in Ocala needs to be repealed. The ordinance regulates the way people are allowed to dress on city property. It makes it illegal to wear pants below the natural waistline in a way the underwear or bare buttocks is exposed. It could lead to a penalty of a $500 fine and up to six months in jail. Ocala City Councilwoman Mary Rich says, "It's just to try to encourage people to have respect for themselves and for others. I don... More>>

Clay County School Board Postpones Vote on Superintendent Referendum

Clay county leaders are fighting over a future referendum. The Clay county commission voted to delay a ballot measure to let voters decide how the school superintendent is chosen. The school board wants voters to consider the proposal this November. But the county commission wants residents to wait until 2016. More>>

Live Oak Body Identified as Missing Child

On Friday morning a local resident found a child's body inside this Live Oak swamp and police say they can now positively identify that body as missing autistic nine-year-old, Leo Walker.Live Oak Police Chief Buddy Williams says, "DNA confirmed that the juvenile body that was found here in Live Oak is indeed that of Leo Walker, the autistic child that ran away on the 13th of August in our city."He says because of the autopsy results, police are ruling out foul play. Chief Williams says, "The ... More>>

Christian Aguilar's Family Reacts to Sentencing of Their Son's Killer

After two weeks the Pedro Bravo murder trial is over. The verdict is in and so is his sentence. It took the jury just 3 hours to find Pedro Bravo guilty for the 1st degree murder of UF Student Christian Aguilar as well as guilty on 6 other counts.

Was Pedro Bravo Suicidal or Homicidal? Closing Arguments in the Trial

After two weeks the Pedro Bravo murder trial is wrapping up. Both the state and defense made their closing arguments today. GTN's Hailey Holloway has been in the courtroom listening to both sides. She joins us live with more on the final statements.

Child's Body Found in Live Oak Pond

Nine-year-old special needs child Leo Walker has been missing since 4 AM Wednesday. Early this morning, a child's body was found in a Live Oak pond. GTN's Mayci McLeod has the details. A dozen law enforcement agencies and more than 300 local volunteers have been searching the city of Live Oak for Leo Walker. Leo was reported missing early Wednesday morning and police were told he wandered away from his house. Today, the body of a child was found in a pond less than half a mile from Leo Walker... More>>

Body Discovered in Lake May Be That of Missing Nine Year Old

FDLE investigators say the recovered body of a child could be that of a missing 9-year-old boy. Searchers found the body in a pond today near Leo Walker's house in Live Oak. Walker Disappeared early Wednesday morning. Investigators say they have not identified the remains and they're not sure if the child is Leo Walker. More>>

Pedro Bravo Takes the Stand in His Own Defense

In a shocking twist to the Pedro Bravo murder trial, Bravo decided this morning he would take the stand. He still maintains he did not murder his best friend and UF student, Christian Aguilar in 2012. GTN's Hailey Holloway has been in the courtroom listening to his story. She joins us live with more on what Bravo had to say.

Special Needs Child Missing in Live Oak

Leo Walker, a 9-year-old autistic boy, is still missing from Live Oak. He first disappeared from his home around 4 AM Wednesday. Today, Live Oak Police, FDLE, the FBI, and a dozen other agencies joined together looking for Leo. GTN's Mayci McLeod has more on the search efforts. One member of the volunteer search team, Lesley Ezell, says, "You can't stop. There's no way that you can stop until you have him home safe."Nine-year-old special needs child, Leo Walker, has now been missing for more ... More>>

Dairy Queen Holding Children's Miracle Fundraiser Today

Today is Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day. $1 or more from every Blizzard purchased will be donated to a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. For us, that's UF Health Shands Children's Hospital. More>>

Florida Remembers Hurricane Charley on 10th Anniversary

The Division of Emergency management wants to remind us -- Ten years ago today, Hurricane Charley made landfall at Punta Gorda in Southwest Florida as a Category 4 storm, making it the strongest storm since Hurricane Andrew to impact Florida. More>>

Cellmate Testifies with Bravo's Full Confession and New Details

The plot thickens in the Pedro Bravo murder trial. Bravo's cellmate testifies giving Bravo's full confession, and new details about his plan we have never heard before. Part of that plan started out at Streits motorsports in Gainesville. That's where we find GTN's Hailey Holloway live with the cellmate's account of what he says is Bravo's real story.

GPD Can Now Test for Spice Within Minutes

Gainesville Police are cracking down on synthetic marijuana, or spice. GPD arrested four people Tuesday in Bo Diddley Plaza for smoking spice. Spice is illegal in the state of Florida, but it's difficult for police to make arrests because the law specifies 90 illegal chemical compounds, which aren't apparent by just looking at the drug. GPD Spokesman Officer Ben Tobias says, "We could not make any arrests because we had no way to prove that it was those specific chemical compounds."But now GP... More>>

Matheson Museum to Host Annual Civil War Symposium on Wednesday

The Symposium will examine the challenges and triumphs of Alachua County residents after the Civil War. Dr. Paul Ortiz will discuss Mathew Lewey, one of the first licensed African American lawyers in Florida. Dr. Gallman will discuss African American Union soldiers who settled in Florida. More>>

Live Oak Police Searching for Missing 9 Year Old Boy

Live Oak police are searching for a missing 9 year old autistic boy. Police say Leo Walker has been missing since about four this morning. He is about 87 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. If anyone has seen Leo or knows where he is, call 9-1-1 or the Live Oak Police Department at (386) 362-2222. More>>

North Central Florida Sheriffs Team Up to Crack Down on Drugs

Union County is declaring a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs. Last year, there were 8,300 drug related deaths in Florida. Union County hopes to see this number drop significantly by partnering with other local agencies. Sheriffs from across North Central Florida gathered at the Union County line this morning to solidify a plan to eradicate drugs from the area. Sheriffs from Union, Alachua, Baker, Bradford, and Columbia counties attended the reveal of the new Union County "Zero Dru... More>>

69 Year Old Woman Kidnapped in Ocala

A 69-year-old woman was kidnapped at knife point in Ocala yesterday evening. A man was hiding in the backseat of her car, put a knife to her neck, and told her to drive. He eventually told her to pull over to the side of SR40 and beat her with a leather club. More>>

Levy County Uses Virtual Weapons Training

Deputies and Detention Officers alike are experiencing the Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS), a scenario based shoot/don't shoot situation during this interactive training exercise. More>>

Grammy Award Winning Rapper, Actor and Producer T.I. to visit the children at the North Central Florida YMCA

In addition to bringing these celebrities to speak to the children about the importance of staying in school, the station will be donating 150 back to school backpacks stuffed with school supplies, sponsored in part by Meldon Law. More>>

Never Before Seen Bravo Interrogation Footage; Bravo Trial, Week 2

We are now in the second week of the Pedro Bravo murder trial. Bravo is accused of the 2012 1st degree murder of his friend and UF student Christian Aguilar. GTN's Hailey Holloway is at the courthouse again this week. That's where we find her live with the latest on Bravo's story.

Alachua County School Board Hosting Meet Your Teacher Sessions This Week

All local public schools have scheduled a time for families to visit their campus and meet their child's teachers ahead of that first day. Students and parents can check out their classrooms, and those who are new to a school can also become familiar with the school's layout, procedures and other important details. More>>

New Testimony on Finding Aguilar's Body; Bravo Trial Day 5

On the 5th day of the Pedro Bravo murder trial, the prosecution is more than half way through its list of witnesses. GTN's Hailey Holloway has been sitting in the courtroom today and is live with the latest. More>>

Gainesville Loosens Regulations for Food Trucks Downtown

The food truck scene is growing in the city of Gainesville. And to keep up with the customer demand, the Gainesville City Commission voted to loosen some of the regulations surrounding food trucks in the downtown area. Commissioner Lauren Poe says, "I hope you have a hungry stomach, because a lot more food trucks are coming."Charlie's Snow Shack is a local food truck serving Hawaiian shaved ice. The owner, Charles Smith, says food trucks develop such a following because they allow for a close... More>>

New Evidence with Blood Found in Pedro Bravo's Possessions; Murder Trial, Day 4

We continue our coverage of the Pedro Bravo trial with new evidence presented in court today. And during day four of the trial, GPD forensic investigator Marc Trahan spent the entire morning on the witness stand. GTN's Hailey Holloway has been keeping track of all of that new evidence today.

Back to School Vaccinations

School starts in just over a week--August 18th. And one thing all kids are required to have on the first day is an up to date vaccination record. August is one of the busiest months for the Alachua County Health Department because parents are remembering their kids need back to school vaccinations. RN Supervisor at the Alachua County Health Department, Michael Smith, says, "I think people don't really focus on immunizations much. It's mostly back to school supplies, but immunizations definite... More>>

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