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Alachua County Accountant Facing Human Trafficking Charges

A well known Alachua County accountant is accused of holding sex slaves.  53-year-old Timothy Deegan is the owner of Deegan Professional Tax Service. He's accused of keeping three women trapped for months. GTN's Mayci McLeod has more on the crimes of which he's accused and reaction from those who knew him.

Meadowbrook Ridge neighborhood consists of two cul-de-sacs and residents say it's usually pretty quiet and everyone gets along. They say they are shocked to hear Timothy Deegan is facing three counts of human trafficking.

One neighbor, Cindy Schirmer, says, "We felt like this was just the safest, nicest neighborhood. We did all of our trick or treating together, we did all of our New Years celebrations, Fourth of July celebrations right here in the cul-de-sac together. Not at all something we would assume would happen in our neighborhood."
It started back in December, when deputies arrested Timothy Deegan on sexual battery charges. The Alachua County Sheriff's Office says that incident led to further investigation-- and findings of drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking.

Sgt. Becky Butscher says, "He has been having females live in his residence, he has been providing them drugs in exchange for sex, he has also been providing transportation, hotel rooms, in order for them to participate in prostitution activity. He has also recorded the sex acts, and he has controlled the females by providing drugs to them, by creating traps inside the residence."

Sgt. Butscher says Deegan also would keep tabs on the girls using video surveillance, and track them using the GPS on their cell phones. Neighbor Cindy Schirmer says this kind of alleged illegal activity is not what parents want around their families.

Schirmer says, "It's just really hard for our neighbors to feel safe having him here in  our neighborhood. He's not welcome here."

She says in light of these charges, the neighborhood is keeping vigilant watch.

Schirmer says, "Putting a security gate at the front would just cause him to give the code to people, so that would really just cost us a lot of money. Other than calling the police the minute we see anything, and the whole neighborhood is on the look out for any suspicious activity."

Deegan is currently held in the Alachua County Jail on $300,000 bond for three counts of human trafficking. Sgt. Becky Butscher says Deegan could face further charges for drugs and video recordings of sexual activity.
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