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Gainesville City Commissioner Candidate: Sheryl Eddie

As we continue our sit-down series with Gainesville City Commission candidates -- today we take a look at District Two contender Sheryl Eddie.

She says her focus is more about the function of the city. And with her background in social work she hopes to put people first. GTN's Briana Harper has more.

Here at the Sweetwater Branch Inn-- District Two City Commission candidate Sheryl Eddie is involved in this advertising luncheon.
This is just one of the many ways she seeks to stay involved.
Eddie says, "I've worked for children's agencies for a very long time. I've always been very involved with the community with multiple agencies and groups from all different levels."

As Outreach Coordinator at Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County, she says her passions are kids and lower-income families. And if elected-- she hopes to address their issues and many others.
"The people that live in all of our city are important-- not just certain people in our city and I want to see that happen and it's my time."

One important point Eddie says could benefit almost everyone in some way is improved public transportation.
"If we had better transportation then people could get to work and they are less reliant on social services and social services-- like the ELC you have to be working."

But it doesn't stop there.
She says other issues like neighborhood safety, quality of roadways and making energy affordable can also be resolved through a group effort.
"There's a lot of things that everybody wants so we've got to be able to find a way to work toward those goals."

Goals like continued job growth and much more that will maintain Gainesville as an enjoyable place to call home.
"I think Gainesville is very pretty but I think we need to be pretty all around and poverty is not pretty."
Briana Harper, GTN News.

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