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Student Brings a Loaded Gun to Hawthorne High School

Local law enforcement worked to deal with a gun at Hawthorne high school.

Deputies say a student brought a fully loaded gun to this parking lot at Hawthorne high school.

Little did he know, someone was already on to him.

Officials received a tip early Friday morning that a young man had fired a weapon on a street four miles away from the high school.

Hawthorne's school resource officer matched the caller's description of the young man and his car to a 16-year-old student who arrived on campus just before the school bell rang.

The deputy watched as the young man got out of the car and holding a white bag.

As soon as he put the bag in the trunk, the deputy confronted him about having a gun.

Authorities say the teen first denied it.

But then said the gun was accidentally left there after cleaning it the night before.

All though he stressed he had no ill-intentions, Jackie Johnson with the Alachua county school board says their rules have no exceptions.

"Our code of student conduct is absolutely clear. You cannot bring a weapon of any sort on campus whether its in your car, in your backpack, it is simply not allowed," says Johnson.

The young man I'd behind bars - facing automatic expulsion and charges of discharging a gun in public, and bringing a weapon on school grounds.

Officials say due to the spike in mass shootings, the sheriff's office made the safety of Alachua county schools their number one priority.

"Sheriff Darnell took the lead and said we've already got deputies in high schools. We've got them in some middle schools, now we're going to put them in elementary schools. Trying to prevent any type of tragedy like we've seen unfold in the news around the country from happening here," says ASO spokesperson Art Forgey.

School officials insist that if students see anything suspicious, they should immediately tell the school resource officer.

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