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The 'Superbug' Bacteria In Florida?

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One out of two people who get it will die. It's a bacteria showing up at alarming rates in our nation's health care systems.

It's abbreviated name is CRE, but is known better as a superbug. Dr. Tom Frieden is the director of the CDC and says the name results by its very nature, the bacteria is alarming. "CRE kills about half of patients who get severe infections from them. And some CRE infections are untreatable by any antibiotic."

42 states are reporting a showing of it. Florida hospitals are seeing it too and the Nadia Kovacevich of the Alachua County Health Department says they are keeping an eye out for it. "This is the type of bacteria that can change very rapidly. So anytime you have something changing very rapidly it's easy for it to be harder to treat and spread faster. "

The CDC says this bacteria poses a triple threat. One, it's resistant to most antibiotics.  Two, it kills one in two patients who get infections from it. Three, the bacteria easily transfers antibiotic resistance to other bacteria, making them untreatable with antibiotics. The bacteria takes over killing the good germs. Since the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics, it lives.

Then, because it transfers its antibiotic resistance to other germs, they become resistant too, and continue to grow. The health department says this type of bacteria is mostly passed in healthcare systems.

She says hospitals in our area, like Shands, are closely watching out for the bacteria. "If there was an issue with any of these bacteria's the hospitals would report it to us if they were seeing a huge increase in one sitting."

The CDC says in other nations, stopping the bacteria has been successful  but it takes a massive effort to detect it - then prevent it in the future.

Reported by: Laura Christmas

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