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Gun regulations? Sometimes, federal law doesn't work

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Reported by Cameron Taylor

Federal law usually trumps state and local law. With gun control talk at the federal level, many state and local officials are wondering if they'll have a say.  At a University of Florida law symposium several issues including gun control were brought up.
With a topic like this, state and local officials aren't so sure who takes priority.

Gun control has been a hot topic at all levels of government.  The issue has prompted President Obama to push congress to create a tougher gun control plan. UF law professor Michael Wolf says this could cause problems. "Some state officials could say, you don't have the right to regulate in this area. This is an area that is a special state need and we're the ones that get to regulate in this area and it'll eventually lead to a lawsuit."

Even Gainesville City Commissioner Lauren Poe says it hasn't been missed.  "We're going to have to discuss what kind of things we can do as a city to try to make sure that we have a safe place for our residents and visitors as possible."

During the University of Florida law symposium, Wolf said preemption law comes into play. "We have a very strong state preemption of local firearms regulations. So strong that local officials can be sued if they pass regulations regulating firearms."

While Florida does have a strong stance on gun control, Poe says they still want to have a hand in making a final decision. "We're just very aggressively opposing any type of legislation that would prevent us from making decisions that are in the best interests of our citizens here in Gainesville."



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